Not Exactly Official....

...but close enough. An upcoming book lists the old home town as one of the worst.

Contrary to the city's new tourist slogan, contrary to its being named last year as one of the top 10 summer travel destinations in the world, and maybe just plain contrary, Gilmartin has proclaimed Baltimore one of "The Absolutely Worst Places to Live in America."

No surprise there. Baltimore, MD is the murder capital of the country. That's right, Charm City is one of a handful of places in this country where the homicide rate actually increases each year.

At any rate, the real gem in the article is this little diddy:

"I've got one word for this guy: Loser," she said, flipping through the pocket-sized hardback book in her office. "I think it's sad people have to sink this low to make a dollar and get something published." Gosson called the book superficial, one-sided and said it reinforced negative and outdated stereotypes.

That's from an executive director of an organization founded to promote city living. Stellar debate skills. I wonder if she made an 'L' with her thumb and index finger and held it up to her forhead when she said that. Maybe she's a product of Baltimore's brilliant public education system. But the Baltimore Sun saved the best for last.

"Besides, who wants perfection? Perfection is boring."

Call me crazy, but not being stabbed to death over a cell phone and a sandwich coming home from work sounds like the kind of boring a girl could appreciate.