Totally Not Sleeping Tonight.....

The Silent Hill movie is totally freakin boss. Fear not, there are no spoilers here....well maybe one (sort of), but you'll have to highlight it to read it and it's at the very end.

I will tell you that the movie does a good job of establishing a very creepy atmosphere. If you've ever played the games, the movie really is Silent Hill. There are a lot of things in the movie that pay homage to the games. Even down to the fact that every time Rose (Radha Mitchell) runs with a flashlight, the flashlight is pointed at the floor.

Pyramid Head is awsome.

My one complaint is that they get really caught up in explaining everything. One of the things that made the games really scary is that you went through the whole game like "wtf is that!?". At the end of the game you still didn't really know anything except that you knew a little more about not knowing anything.

Spoiler: Dude they totally got the bad bad ending.

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