Immigration Bull....

I've been silent for a bit about a few things so this is gonna be the second of a few posts tonight.

Let's talk about immigration, shall we.

Let me see if I understand this thing correctly. There are a whole shit load of folks- generally from Mexico- who slunk their asses across the U.S.-Mexican border without authorization in any way, shape, or form. Many have been here for some time, and some for not so long, but all of them are using facilities and services and services that are funded by tax paying citizens, but are not paying taxes themselves. Some of these tax paying citizens actually came from other countries, including Mexico, and they came with authorization and put in the work to be here legally.
But the ones who don't have authorization and aren't paying taxes are demanding more services and facilities from everyone who pays taxes.
Additionally, many of the people who are here illegally seem to be under the impression that the areas in which they illegally reside actually belong to Mexico.
Oh, and both sides of the aisle have decided that apart from giving the southwest to Mexico, they're basically gonna reward the illegals for being loud, unruley, and numerous.

Hmmmm.... that's alot of fuckin' crazy up there. First off, I just want to know where the hell these people get the gall to work up such a sense of entitlement. Who the hell do they think they are, that they can demand that an entire nation of people pay the way for them and their kids? How can they work up the audacity to spit in the face of every legal immigrant and every child of a legal immigrant or legal resident alien?

Additionally, I'd like to put a rest to this Mexico owned California first bullshit. The first claim to be staked out concerns this entire contenent and the immediately below it, and it belongs to the American Indians, who sure as sure as hell didn't habla Espan-fuckin-ol. (Yes, I am aware that is atrocious Spanish. It's intentional.) The next people with a claim to stake? Spain. And then we get to Mexico. Mexico lost their claim in a war, which happens to be the way the world works. If the world doesn't work that way then Mexico should give itself back to Spain instantly, who should then give Mexico to the remaining American Indians who originally occupied the area. Seeing as how the world doesn't work that way, because that would be stupid, "we were here first" needs to shut the fuck up. Not only is it stupid, it's incorrect.

Now to roast some politicians. Any Benedict Arnold who supports caving into the demands of the illegals should be run out on a rail. Such is the greatness of the disservice they propose to do the people who put them in office. They try to shuffle some song and dance about how the illegals are necessary because they do the jobs that Americans, legal resident aliens won't do. That quite frankly is a load of horse shit. They do the jobs that Americans and legal aliens would do, but the illegals do them for slave wages that Americans and legal aliens wouldn't accept. If anything they hold back our economy by devaluing the legal employee. Furthermore any Quisling even considdering giving aliens (legal or not) the ability to vote should be chased out of office. What, to them is the value of citizenship? They don't know. They can't even grasp that asses are not to be worn as hats.

By the way, if INS had any goddamn sense they'd be staking out tomorrow's protests, taking notes for later round-ups. But the odds of that happenning are about as good as my odds of being the next American Idol.

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