And We Though Amanda Was Losing It!

Before we get into things, I just want to cover a few things.

I've signed up for the frakking text blast for The Caprican. That's how much I love this show. I didn't even do that shit for BSG- though now I sort of wish I did. But that's like a frakking threshold thing right there.

Also? Sister Clarice is totally channeling Caprica Six.

Now on with the show!

The previouslys have Amanda! Excellent because I love her so much already. The previouslys helpfully remind us that she's going totally crazy right now- like more than usual- (or at least she totally thinks she is.)

I love how Joe and Daniel are both trying to find their daughters and both frakking up all over the place. Joe by being the biggest n00b ever and Daniel by just being desperate bullying asshole. Like the shit that dude does this week. So frakked.

Into the real game and Joe Adama is cubing the frak up.

But what I really want to talk about is how, unbelievably enough, Daniel Graystone's relationship with the Zo-bot manages to be even creepier and grosser now that he knows Zoe.2 is in there. Seriously, between this shit and the whole "rip off your arm" thing you can kind of see the world ending right before your frakking eyes.

But this is his desperate grief. Motherfrakkers trying not to drown will drown your ass in a heartbeat just trying to stay afloat. They don't mean to do it, but you're is still underwater. So in his desperation not to drown, Daniel hammers at his daughter.2 with everything in his arsenal. And it's ugly and terrible and just unbelievably sad. But mostly horrifying. Because seriously, this is what's going on: His daughter is dead and he kidnapped her avatar because "a difference that makes no difference is no difference at all", then he thought he lost that too, but now maybe not, so he engages in actual psychological war against her to get her back. Which, people do this shit to each other all the time, just without the giant robot bodies. And it's just as successful in real life as it is in this show.

And on the polar opposite end you have Joe Adama, who's back in his robe and bumbling around Grand Theft Caprica. Does he even go to work these days? I wonder if Bill has gone back to hanging out with the Tauron mafia. Anyway...Joe becomes a virtual stim-junkie and after a heart to heart with brother Sam, he takes a level in bad ass and finds a lead- a GTC cabaret and a wall of painted flowers. It's looking like daddy's little girl is making a new home for herself. His new guide points as much out, suggests that he takes his dork self back to the real world (and you know, his not dead son- though until Joe snaps out of it he's actually better off being raised by the mafia and grandmom), and Joe gets out his sad thinky face. Again.

Oh, and Vergis tells Amanda that Daniel totally had three people killed in order to steal his MCP while Daniel is downstairs trying to get Zoe.2 to talk to him by having her shoot the dog! Don't worry. The gun was loaded with blanks and it turns out that Zoe new the whole time- but wait! In the matrix she confesses to Lacy that if there had been real bullets in the gun she might have shot dear old crazy desperate dad!


So next week is the season finale. I'm so excited!

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