Opening Day, Or Why Not Believe '81

It rained this morning and into the afternoon today in Charm City, but the sun's started to peek out from behind the clouds. The game is still on and teams of baseball fans are making their way to Camden Yards as I write this. Unfortunately, this O's fan is hard at work instead of wiping down a green seat and preparing to order a hotdog and a beer. Even more unfortunately, most of the fans currently clogging the streets of my fair city are Yankees fans. Bastards.

Here in Baltimore we hate the Yankees more than Red Sox fans whine. So here's my opening day wish: I want my Orioles to send those Yankees sons of bitches packing back to New York with their heads hung low. Especially in light of the general expectation for the season as a whole.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet I'll be keeping track of things over on the MLB website. Let's go O's!

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