Gee, Ya Think....

It seems someone's gotten the crazy idea that the U.S.-Mexican border is easy access and a security risk. /sarcasm

An agent was reporting in with a startling new find: another tunnel, this one shorter and more crudely built, but big enough to provide yet another subterranean port of entry into the USA.

"Of course they could" be used by terrorists, Marwood says of the tunnels his team unearths. "The potential is there, and that makes it unacceptable."

I'd say that it's freaking terrible that it took 9/11 to make get tough about border security, but obviously border security is still a damned joke. That is disgusting.
Of course the teams searching for these tunnels weren't created by Washington....

The team was created not on orders from Washington but out of concerns from agents. The Border Patrol officers were discovering tunnels when their trucks sunk into the dirt after the ground had collapsed over shallow passages.

Appalling. Absolutely appalling.

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