I pulled myself out of what Bill Whittle has dubbed 'the trenches' because I found I was losing my sense of humor and becoming unable to pick my battles. I don't know if should be re-entering, but I am. Today. I can't not blog today.

As Rachel Lucas said, "Remember."

The following will be a link round up.

http://http://www.datamanos2.com/wtc/contents.html : audio and visual thing (If you opt to click through the images, I suggest turning your speakers off- the midi soundtrack is a bit hard to stomach.)

http://http://www.glennbeck.com/traggic/traggic.htm : a collection of news from that day in the order it came in. (And lest anyone, anyone forget, Palestinians Celebrate)

http://http://instapundit.com/archives/017741.php : Real American Heroes remember.

http://http://www.gunstuff.com/america-attacked.html : AV thing. (it takes a while to load, but be patient and hang in there.)

http://http://www.gunstuff.com/america-attacked.html : The last (?) Steven DenBeste post. (not counting the post where he explains why he's not posting anymore.)