Observe the mighty fisking handed forth by Jim Geraghty at NRO.

Mr. MARCEL MATLEY (document and handwriting expert): We look, basically, at what's called significant or insignificant features to determine whether it's the same person or not. See I have no problem identifying them. I would say, based on our available handwriting evidence, yes, this is the same person.

Why did Matley say in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that "he had only judged a May 4, 1972, memo — in which Killian ordered Bush to take his physical — to be authentic. He said he did not form a judgment on the three other disputed memos because they only included Killian's initials and he did not have validated samples of the officer's initials to use for comparison." If what Matley said to the Times is correct, aren't you radically misrepresenting his statements?

RATHER: Matley finds the signatures to be some of the most compelling evidence.

First, the signatures would be the only evidence he is qualified to give a professional opinion on. And, as stated earlier, Matley insists one cannot verify a signature from a photocopy.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll squirm with glee. But you have to go read it first.