Just So We're Clear

Ahahahah.  So, remember this post?  Welp, chances are that if you stopped by enough to get where that was coming from and at least be sympathetic to it, this is probably the last post you're going to read here (provided that you're even actually reading this post because I've been gone for just under a year- though not for the first time).

Here's the rub, my former fellow right wingers, (yeah, former) I've left the fold.  I am and have been for some time now, a hard line leftist.  A liberal socialist to be exact.  I thought any old readers stopping by deserve to know.

This can be considered an official declaration that I Was Wrong and that I'm Sorry I Was An Insufferable Asshole About A Lot Of Things.

I'm still not planning on doing a lot of talking about politics because that shit is still depressing- just for a bevy of other reasons.  

The next post will be a video of some sort.  Also, I started a Tumblr. It's a work in progress.  I've stopped reading monthly comics in favor of a strict TPB regiment.  Still playing Skyrim and my frothing rage over the Mass Effect 3 ending has settled into a simmering ever present disappointment, which manifests as a general apprehension when it comes to buying new games.

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