Oh Brother....

I'm watching The Messiah's acceptance speech tonight and reading the inevitable drunkblogging.

So three beers in at the end and if G.W. was running this election, there'd be a lot of relevance where there wasn't any.

Rockstar crowd.

Marxism, no surprise.

Raising teachers' salaries??? That's lower than state level. What function, exactly, does he think the president serve.

And this dude is a lying bastard of a politician. Well is from Chicago.

No how, but a lot of "what".

Lot's of olive branch to the PUMAs, using the old "good show, don't stop believing, I have daughters" route. Still, he did pretty much cockslap H.R.C. with his whole less than one month in office as senator decision to run for POTUS.

How do I come away? This is a guy who was compared to McGovern during the primaries, but this dude is Chicago through and through.

Check the drunkblogging and the comments.

I know I didn't have much to say, but neither did he.

Props to McCain for the classy ad.

See you folks for the RNC.